About Marina | Certified Translator

In 1989, Marina Miotto moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Los Angeles, California. A native Spanish speaker, she came to the States and was immersed in an English-speaking culture. Navigating a new life in a foreign country, and learning to translate languages started with her own personal experience. 

Her professional career began in 1994  providing translation services and interpretations while working in the private sector. Years of performing such tasks inspired her to forgo a career in court interpreting. In 1999, Marina graduated from Interpreting school and became certified as a Court Interpreter. 

She continued her education and in 2010, became a Federally Certified Court Interpreter. One year later, she received her certification as an ATA Certified Translator. 

Marina is an active court interpreter in the counties of Orange and Los Angeles in Southern California. 

With an extensive repertoire in the courthouse, Marina has worked on thousands of cases involving family, criminal, and civil law for over 20 years. Additionally, her freelance work has led her to help clients in the legal, financial, education, real estate, and medical research industries. 

Her years of personal and professional experience have fostered trust with hundreds of clients. Marina takes her time with each client to ensure her services are detailed, comprehensive, and accurate.